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Cloudbrixx is an integrated software for controlling real estate in building construction, civil engineering, industrial and plant construction. Cloudbrixx works cloud-based and can be used mobile on tablets and smartphones. The software guarantees revision-proof documentation of all processes and ensures efficient, cross-company cooperation in complex projects.

  • Cloudbrixx is a cross-phase construction and real estate management software and can be used flexibly for the complete real estate life cycle.
  • Mobile document management in real time creates transparency, immediate cost control and minimizes time expenditure.
  • The software creates clear structures and transparently maps work processes.
  • The integration of all project participants is mobile. All participants are also networked on the move and have access to all documents at any time, regardless of location.
  • Data can be edited immediately so that no information is lost and the risk of mistakes is minimized.
  • Calculations, settlements and budgets are updated directly and are immediately available for inspection.
  • With the help of QR code technology, data can be easily captured and continuously maintained.
  • All communication processes are mapped in a revision-proof manner and reduce any insurance / court proceedings costs.

Access to the data is cloud-based and therefore independent of time and location. Cloudbrixx functions independently of the operating system and browser. The cloud provider is headquartered in Germany and guarantees maximum data security. The filing structure is project-specific and can be changed as required. During data collection, individual attributes can be assigned that enable data access at any time. Cloudbrixx automatically generates the up-to-dateness of the data situation. All trades, systems and components can be inventoried using QR codes. Thanks to new framework technology, calculation processes are no longer performed on the cloud servers, but directly on the user's end device. This means that Cloudbrixx is ready for use and fast, even with low bandwidth, without the need to install programs.

  • Cloudbrixx as a manufacturer of Cloudbrixx is headquartered in Germany and guarantees maximum data security.
  • The cloud application was developed in Germany.
  • The hosting takes place according to German law in German, certified high security centres.
  • Application and database servers are separated by firewalls even in closed systems.
  • Data security is guaranteed by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL). All data is transmitted with 256bit SSL-encryption and is available in our data centers multiple redundant as a backup. An external server access is secured by a five barrier system.
  • All data centers are certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001.
  • All Cloudbrixx processes are GDPR compliant.
  • Our servers are located exclusively in German data centers, which are certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001. The internationally recognized standard for information security certifies that a suitable Information Security Management System (ISMS) has been implemented and adapted. The ISMS is used at all locations for the infrastructure and operation of the entire data center parks and has been audited by the FOX Certification. The certificate proves an adequate security management, the security of the data, the confidentiality of the information and the availability of the IT systems. It also confirms that the security standards are continuously improved and sustainably monitored.

Cloudbrixx is designed for clients with development projects and clients with real estate assets, e.g:

  • Owners
  • General contractors
  • Project controller
  • Architects / Engineers
  • Facility and Asset Managers
  • Property Manager
  • Contractors
  • Craftsmen

Cloudbrixx offers open interfaces, which can be adapted to almost any existing customer software on request, as long as it allows access.

Yes, at the request of our customers certain functions can be adapted to their needs.


Cloudbrixx is an integrated Life Cycle Software, which makes it possible to realize complex construction projects on the one hand, but on the other hand is also used in the area of Facility Management. Cloudbrixx can be used from the beginning of a construction project and then across all phases, but even the use of existing real estate poses no problem due to the simple data acquisition, documentation and maintenance. Open interfaces guarantee a simple data exchange also to other document types and software.

Cloudbrixx is a business-to-business solution for the real estate market and is used primarily for data storage and process control. Cloudbrixx's customers are institutional real estate companies (asset managers) with medium to large construction projects or a corresponding real estate portfolio, as well as their Property Managers & Facility Managers, Architects, Engineers, Local authorities, Construction companies and Craftsmen.

Cloudbrixx offers solutions that can be used individually or as interconnected modules:

  • Dashboard/Summary
  • Contacts
  • Properties
  • Tasks / Minutes
  • Mediacenter
  • Blueprints
  • Documents
  • Construction diary
  • Defects
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Equipments
  • Time recording
  • Locking systems
  • Approval Center

Current browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari recommended) and Internet access.
Apps for iOS and Android are available for all offline applications.

For smartphones and tablets, the app stores provide you with your own module-specific apps for iOS and Android free of charge.

Thanks to mobile optimization, Cloudbrixx can also be used on tablets via the browser in online mode. All documents can be viewed, edited and updated anywhere and at any time.

  • In the defect tracking: Regulations according to VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures), incl. letter and defect tracking according to §4.7 and §13 as well as regulations of the BGB (German law)
  • Writing generation according to DIN 5003
  • Filing structure and budgeting according to DIN 276 (on request)

The costs depend on the booked modules. The prices and available license models can be found on the respective pages of our modules. We would also be pleased to make you an individual offer. Simply contact us at or via our contact form.
Our licensing system provides updates and further developments of the applications free of charge for all modules.

The contract term can always be terminated at the end of the month. Collected and created data will then be made freely available.

The intuitive user guidance means that time-consuming and cost-intensive training courses for software applications are not necessary.

Our professional support is always available for you.
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