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We transform the real estate life cycle into the digital world and unite everyone involved on one platform.


In a constantly changing world, the real estate industry needs innovative solutions to remain competitive. Data-based and process-driven workflows are crucial to making valid decisions.

At CLOUDBRIXX, our modules offer you the keys and interfaces to the future of digital real estate management through our leading cloud-based and modular SaaS solution.

Our platform collects and combines data to create a digital data twin of your portfolio. CLOUDBRIXX contains concentrated knowledge about regulations, testing regulations, best practice workflows and optimized process standards.

Simplify your daily work processes in technical real estate management and save an enormous amount of resource expenditure in the form of time, money and personnel with CLOUDBRIXX.

Master data management

Availability of contact details is an essential part of efficient real estate management.

Order management

Standards for workflow-based order management with integrated invoice verification.

Budget management

Financial security depends on solid and understandable budget planning.

Contract management

Contract management for service contracts in a simple and clear solution.

Operator responsibility

Keep an eye on mandatory expert examinations and comply with legal requirements.

Ticket system

Tasks and information, which you can also use to keep logs and process checklists.

“Data is the gold of the future and the foundation of digitization.”

Helge Winter
Managing Director / Founder

CLOUDBRIXX is flexible, efficient, profitable and sustainable.

  • Flexibility through device- and location-independent working makes you attractive on the personnel market.
  • Efficiency thanks to bundling everyone involved on one platform and avoiding media disruptions and data loss gives you more time and reduces internal stress.
  • Profitability through real-time data linkage within the modules and standardized processes saves you an enormous amount of time and money.
  • Sustainable business thanks to modular structure and open API promotes your growth, because CLOUDBRIXX grows with you.

Optimize your real estate management – now

In the world of digital real estate management, every detail counts. Our modular software is the key to ensuring you know the necessary details and achieve your business goals.

Why our SaaS solution for digital real estate management?

  • Increased efficiency:

    Our state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system revolutionizes the way you manage your properties. It automates processes, minimizes manual tasks and gives you more time to focus on strategic decisions.

  • Sustainability in focus:

    Sustainable real estate management is no longer an option, but an obligation. Our solution enables you to integrate sustainability aspects into the entire life cycle of your properties. Reduce your environmental impact, reduce operating costs and increase the value of your properties.

  • Data-driven decisions:

    In the real estate industry, data-driven decisions are crucial. Our SaaS solution collects and combines data to provide you with valuable insights into the performance of your properties. This allows you to make informed decisions and manage your portfolio optimally.

  • Security and transparency:

    We adhere to the highest standards for data protection and security. Your data is in safe hands with us. At the same time, we offer you transparency in all aspects of your real estate operations.

  • Dedicated customer service:

    Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to ensure you get the most out of our SaaS solution and meet your unique needs.

CLOUDBRIXX - Quality, responsibility and sustainability