Security and overview in budgets

Financial security in real estate management depends on solid and comprehensible budget planning, regardless of whether it is about planning a larger project or Capex and Opex measures need to be budgeted and approved.

We focus on practical budget planning and control that can be flexibly adapted to your needs in all functions. With our budgeting module you have the opportunity to create your own budget types according to your specifications, regardless of whether it is a project or operating budget. Release levels and an interface-open system architecture are also part of this integrative module.

  • Budget planning ‘Top-Down’ or ‘Buttom-Up’
  • Individual budget types for projects and operations
  • Direct budget retrieval of orders
  • Release levels for more budget control
  • Integrated cash flow planning


  • Uniform budget design
    Use budget templates, e.g. according to DIN-276, or define your own templates for your uniform budget standard
  • Budget retrieval and approval processes
    Budget items can also be accessed individually through release processes and released individually if an entire budget release is undesirable.
  • Central compensation accounts
    With central compensation accounts, additional costs can be compensated quickly and clearly using remaining budgets.
  • Evaluation & Reporting
    Budget controlling only works with meaningful data. In addition to finished reports, individual reports can also be stored in the system and evaluated at the push of a button.
  • Cash outflow planning
    In order to know when which funds need to be available, cash flow planning is an important part of this module.
  • Audit-proof
    Audit-proof documentation for the creation, approval and changes of budgets and budget positions – all actions remain traceable at all times.
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Financial planning security in real estate management

  • Comprehensible budget management

    Since all orders can be assigned to an approved budget when they are placed, you always have the most up-to-date insight into the running costs and available remaining budgets.

    Various reports give you budget insights, forecasting options for budget developments and individual evaluations at any time, so that you quickly know which sums are still available for which projects and measures, how costs are developing or where, in the worst case, there is a risk of cost overruns.

    Individual assignment of rights enables budget releases, rebookings and cost updates for practice-oriented budget management.

  • Compensate and rebook

    Even if a budget has been planned with great care, there are always budget shifts and additional costs that have to be compensated for.

    In these cases, the module offers you functions to update current budgets cleanly and comprehensibly. Regardless of whether funds should be moved and reposted from one budget position to another, within a budget or across budgets, or remaining budgets should be made available in a compensation account in order to absorb higher costs in another budget.

  • Individual budget types

    In addition to the form of planning in which your budgets should be created (top-down or bottom-up), there is also the option of defining different budget types for different areas of application. The division and type of planning of an annual capex or opex budget can of course differ from the one with which a tenant expansion or an entire project development is to be budgeted.

    Thanks to the customizable budget types, the appropriate budget specifications and approval rules are available for every area of application in real estate management.


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