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Manage media digitally

Digital media, especially images and videos, are becoming increasingly important in the way that conditions can now be documented simply and easily. The ‘Media’ module offers the appropriate storage option for this. Store, manage and distribute photos and videos easily, regardless of device and location.

With the CLOUDBRIXX Mediacenter you can clearly categorize images and videos in storage structures and manage, tag and even locate them in individual folders. You can find image documentation quickly and, if desired, distribute it to external people, regardless of size, together with plans and documents. Links to processes within CLOUDBRIXX are also quickly made so that this information is available exactly where it is needed.


Sparen Sie Zeit bei der Suche von Projektbezogenen Medien.

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Kein Medienverlust

Alle Medien liegen auf einer zentralen Datenplattform ab.


Importieren oder exportieren Sie Medien von anderen Softwaretools.

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Your benefits

  • Uniform storage structures for photos and videos
  • Descriptions, keywords and location for easy findability
  • A platform for internal and external stakeholders
  • Size-independent data transmission via deeplinks
  • Transparency and legal certainty


  • Structured data storage
    All images and videos are stored uniformly according to specified structures and thus guarantee uniform data storage.
  • Central data provision
    All data is available to everyone involved in one system, regardless of device and location, in real time.
  • Smart tags
    Assign flexible keywords to link them to media. A search function is of course also on board.
  • Location of the recording
    If necessary, the recordings can also be located on plans from the system so that it is always clear what the recording shows and documents exactly where.
  • Roles, rights and project affiliations
    Assign individual permissions for your storage structures and control who automatically has access to which media.
  • Connections
    All recordings from the Media module can be linked to other modules in CLOUDBRIXX and are available integrated there.

Using media smartly as documentation in real estate

  • Structured storage of media

    The module not only offers you the opportunity to upload media files regardless of device and location, but also to further group them in folders and describe them individually. To make it easier to find, each recording can be enriched with keywords in addition to the description. It is also possible to locate them on the plans of a property so that the recordings can not only be searched for based on textual features, but can also be checked on plans to see whether there are images of areas and locations.

  • Smart module linking

    Once stored centrally, you can link media to processes throughout the CLOUDBRIXX system and make this data available where it is needed.

  • Cloud-based and available everywhere

    Everyone involved in the project has individual access to the data released for them in real time –

    Photos and videos can be quickly taken, saved and synchronized via the cloud using the CLOUDBRIXX app. Existing data can also be accessed regardless of location, mobile on your smartphone or tablet.