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Full control over your contracts

With the ‘Contracts’ module, CLOUDBRIXX offers you complete contract management for service contracts in a simple and clear solution.

CLOUDBRIXX Contracts offers you complete contract management in a simple and clear solution. You can flexibly filter and evaluate all costs for contracts, terms, termination dates and contract data. A uniform presentation of the various contracts makes it easier for you to get an overview.

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Your benefits

  • Monitoring of contract terms & notice period
  • Display of cost developments
  • Links (e.g. building services & contacts/contact persons)
  • Comparability through uniform presentation


  • Uniform contract display
    All contracts are displayed in a harmonized way, so relevant contract data can be quickly viewed.
  • Contract terms
    No matter whether a contract has to be extended or terminated – here you have all dates at a glance!
  • Completeness
    In addition to the basic contract data, the associated documents are also stored in the same system.
  • Cost overview
    Costs incurred from contracts can be displayed in clear, filterable cost overviews.
  • Cost development
    Through consistent documentation, cost developments of contracts can be displayed historically.
  • Audit-proof
    Audit-proof documentation of your contracts – all changes and adjustments remain traceable at all times.
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Manage service provider contracts with CLOUDBRIXX

  • Unified contract overview

    With a harmonized overview of all contracts and data, you have faster access to relevant contract data and do not have to search, for example, for the termination provisions in the contract, which are also usually formulated differently.
    Sort and filter contracts according to relevant information – No problem!
    It is clear at all times which contracts are under negotiation, bindingly concluded or already terminated.

  • Contract cost overview per click

    Of course, it is particularly important to know at any time which costs are incurred by concluded contracts, or will be incurred upon conclusion. With the clear cost evaluation, existing or planned contracts for specific properties and/or from specific service providers can be quickly filtered and evaluated. Of course, this also works for contract status, contract type and all other contract characteristics.

  • Runtime monitoring

    You can easily keep track of expiration dates of your service provider contracts and thus avoid contract gaps, if contracts do not renew automatically, just have a reminder sent shortly before the expiration date.

    The ‘Contracts’ module also masters reminders for termination dates or automatic contract renewals.


Sparen Sie Zeit, Geld und Personal dank einfacher Stammdatenverwaltung und lückenloser Kontaktdaten.

Lückenlose Datenqualität

Referenzierten Sie von Aufgaben, Tickets, Projekten oder Dokumenten zu den verantwortlichen Kontakten.


Ordnen Sie Aufgaben und Dokumenten den Projektverantwortlichen zu und vermeiden Sie unübersichtliche Projektstrukturen.