CLOUDBRIXX. DEAL. – Your due diligence in safe hands

Intelligent data room for your confidential business processes including white label function.

CLOUDBRIXX. DEAL is the virtual data room solution from CLOUDBRIXX, which provides you with a secure, innovative and intelligent data room for your confidential business processes. Our data room is also available as a white label solution, can be transferred to your own corporate design and is made available to all your customers in your company’s own look and feel.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Clear user interface
  • Drag & Drop upload of data
  • Automatic notifications for transaction participants
  • Quick access to all important functions
  • White label solution possible


  • Flexible data room structure
    Define your own data room structure and simply upload all documents to the data room using drag & drop.
  • Audit-proof
    All user activities (upload, updates, view, download, Q&A’s) are documented clearly and comprehensibly.
  • Q&A
    Full flexibility thanks to the Q&A configurator. Questions can be asked and answered directly on document pages.
  • Certified security
    All data centers are certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and thus demonstrate the highest standards for information security management.
  • Data timeliness
    Thanks to Cloudbrixx, everyone works with the same data – always and everywhere. Updates are automatically communicated to users.
  • German cloud
    System, device and location independent. Fast and always available Made & Hosted in Germany.


Transaction data space

  • Incl. 6,250 pages
  • Each additional 0.08 ct / month
  • Files in PDF / Word
  • Other formats are charged by MB
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Can be canceled monthly
  • Incl. kick-off call

500,00 € / Month

Inventory data room

  • Incl. 10,000 pages
  • Each additional 0.05 ct / month
  • Files in PDF / Word
  • Other formats are charged by MB
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Can be canceled monthly
  • Incl. kick-off call

500,00 € / Month

Virtual “data room” in transaction management

  • Creation of a data backup

    Our team will be happy to take care of your data backup, including a certificate of conformity. The price depends on the number of files and data carriers.

    Small: Up to 500 files = € 250.00
    Medium: Up to 1,500 files = € 350.00
    Large: Up to 4,000 files = € 500.00
    XL: Up to 8,000 files = 750.00 €

  • Flexible data room structure

    The CLOUDBRIXX data room offers you complete freedom in designing the folder structure you need:
    Whether you want to simply upload an existing folder and data directory completely using drag & drop, organize your real estate transaction according to a prepared GIF standard, or create your own sorting online.
    Everything is possible without any complications!

  • Anchored & Assigned Q&A

    An effective transaction process depends on the quick, precise and unambiguous clarification of questions. CLOUDBRIXX allows you to anchor your questions directly at the relevant point in the document. Using the freely configurable Q&A workflow, the further response process can be designed effectively according to your wishes.

    CLOUDBRIXX. DEAL automatically generates a list of all questions and answers for you in the user-specific Q&A center with a direct link to the respective document page. You decide who gets to see the Q’s and the A’s.

    No more manual or separate lists are required.

  • Always up to date

    Every innovation is communicated to users via email. Every user it affects. You decide who can see what and when.
    Be it new documents, corrected documents or Q&A’s: you decide – and CLOUDBRIXX. Deal takes effect.

  • Quick configuration

    Our data room is designed to be particularly intuitive and user-friendly, so setup can be done in minutes with just a few clicks.
    Our competent team will be happy to answer your questions and provide support!

  • Completely audit-proof

    All data, documents, upload processes, Q&A’s, user activities or updates: everything is stored in a secure log file, so manipulation is impossible.

    You always have full transparency as to who – what – contributed or viewed when. What the user experienced and when is documented at all times.

  • Analyses and Reporting

    To assess your transaction, it is important to know how much of the data provided has already been viewed and checked, which users are active in the data room or how quickly the Q&A process is progressing.
    Frequently asked questions can therefore be quickly identified and provided as FAQs.
    CLOUDBRIXX generates all information about this. Deal clearly arranged for you in real-time reporting.

  • German cloud with certified security

    The CLOUDBRIXX data room is a product 100% developed in Germany. Your data is guaranteed to be hosted in German data centers. All data centers are certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and therefore offer the highest standard for information security management.