Much more than just tasks

The Tasks module is a ticket system for tasks and information, which you can also use to keep logs and process checklists. Design workflows and use the module as a central communication tool in CLOUDBRIXX.

The Tasks module is your central communication tool in the Project Space. With tasks and information, you can distribute tickets directly to people and groups, link them to e.g. orders or maintenance and additionally even locate them in the property. Create continuous tasks that contain all information. In addition, you can include the tasks in logs, which you can also create and keep with this module.

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  • Distribute tickets directly to people & groups
  • No more missed deadlines thanks to completion dates
  • Flexible prioritization of tasks
  • Link tickets to the point of origin
  • Individual data fields for task types
  • Mobile flexibility thanks to Cloudbrixx app


  • Flexible use
    Create your own ticket types, for example, to create claim notifications or recurring tasks.
  • Links
    Easily link tasks or information directly to operations (orders, technical equipment, properties, defects, and more).
  • Responsibilities
    Delegate tasks to persons or groups. This ensures that responsibilities and deadlines are always clear and on time.
  • Protocol tool
    Tasks and information can be integrated into protocols or created and assigned there.
  • Mobile via app
    Create tasks even on site via app, respond quickly and easily on the go via smartphone & tablet.
  • Task overview
    Sort tasks by priorities, projects, progress and never miss deadlines again.

Additional features with the extension Tasks+

  • Individual checklists for task types
  • Follow-up tasks & workflows
  • Resubmissions and reminders
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Efficient coordination of real estate management tasks

  • Link tasks to operations at the point of origin

    Whether in project or real estate management – tasks and important information arise everywhere that must be distributed to responsible persons or work groups. CLOUDBRIXX Tasks solves exactly this challenge with an integrated ticket system. The module allows you to link tasks as tickets with the point of origin, so you can, for example, create a task on a defective test report in the Building Services module and thus assign the technician directly to rectify the defect. You can request your specialist planner to make changes to the plan directly on the relevant plan. Facility managers can report on-site damage directly to Property Management via the app so that it can be forwarded to insurance companies. You then simply link the repair order to the damage report, so all information is linked and traceable.

  • Location-independent thanks to app

    You can access the tickets, i.e. tasks and information, anytime and anywhere with the help of the free CLOUDBRIXX app. Process and answer tickets quickly and directly – no matter when, no matter where, no matter whether with iOS or Android!

    With CLOUDBRIXX. TASKS you have the to-do’s everywhere in view.

  • Individualized ticket types and locations

    By subdividing tickets (tasks & information) into ticket types, you have the option of using the module not only for classic task distribution, but also, for example, for damage reports.
    e.g. damage reports. For this purpose, you can simply create a ticket type ‘damage report’ and add individual fields for processing to it. These fields can be filled in at the time of creation or later as information supplements, just as you wish.

    In order to be able to assign this damage report even better, there is also the option of locating the tickets on your plans – so it is always clear where in the building to-dos are still pending and need to be completed.

  • Keep logs in real time

    Taking minutes has always taken a lot of time in the past, especially the follow-up. Putting notes from the meeting into shape, highlighting new points, updating data and then distributing them to all participants.
    Thanks to the minutes tool integrated for tasks, that’s over! Tasks and information can now be entered, commented on and assigned directly in the meeting. Tasks are transferred directly to the to-do’s of the assigned people and are also immediately available via app.
    Minutes are from now on dynamic and at any time in the current state.

  • Design workflows with tasks and checklists (Tasks+)

    The ‘Tasks+’ module extension allows you to create checklists that you can include in tasks. This means that a task is only considered completed when all the conditions it contains from the checklist have been fulfilled. Best of all, it can also be used to create workflows, as dependencies can be set for each item from your checklist, and follow-up tasks can be defined and created. So tasks are created exactly when preconditions are met and completion is really pending.


Sparen Sie Zeit, Geld und Personal dank einfacher Stammdatenverwaltung und lückenloser Kontaktdaten.

Lückenlose Datenqualität

Referenzierten Sie von Aufgaben, Tickets, Projekten oder Dokumenten zu den verantwortlichen Kontakten.


Ordnen Sie Aufgaben und Dokumenten den Projektverantwortlichen zu und vermeiden Sie unübersichtliche Projektstrukturen.