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Your blueprints for effective project management

Store plans centrally on a platform, have plans delivered and distribute them automatically and quickly to the relevant project participants.

With the CLOUDBRIXX plan server, you distribute plans automatically and quickly to all project participants, no matter where they are. Audit-proof documentation of plan movements ensures transparency and legal certainty in your project. Plan releases can also be set up individually depending on the plan type.

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  • From the office to the construction site with one click
  • All planning participants can deliver and check plans
  • You automatically work with the latest version
  • New uploads are automatically distributed
  • Plan check runs & legal security for your projects


  • Versioning
    You always work automatically with the latest plan index and older versions are clearly archived on the plan server.
  • Plan lists
    Your plan lists are always up-to-date and can be accessed by all project participants with one click.
  • Automatic plan distribution
    Plans are automatically distributed to project participants after upload thanks to individual distribution lists, also with email notification.
  • Central data storage, always available
    With the CLOUDBRIXX plan server, everyone involved in the project works with the same plan status, whether on the construction site or in the office.
  • Audit-proof
    All plan movements, from uploads to updates to downloads, are documented in a clean and traceable manner.
  • Uniform plan storage and plan numbers
    Store plans in your desired structures and let CLOUDBRIXX assign the plan numbers, including receipts for plan uploads!
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The planning server provides more planning transparency in your projects

  • Structured and clear

    Uniform filing structures create order in the plan filing system. All project participants work on one platform, are on the same plan status and are informed as soon as new plans are available.

    With the integrated app, you can even check on the construction site whether paper plans are still up-to-date or whether a newer version is already available on the plan server and what has already changed!

  • Coordinated plan test runs

    If required, you can create individual plan files for each project that optimally reflect the specifics of your project. You can also create and individually coordinate several planning groups, e.g. for specialist planners.

    If required, you can also set up release runs for the plan files and define who must issue releases for which plans at which planning status.

  • Cloud-based and available everywhere

    Connect builders, construction managers, architects and engineers – no matter when, no matter where, no matter which end device you are working with, even directly on the construction site thanks to the connected Cloudbrixx App!

    With the Cloudbrixx plan server, everyone is always conveniently up to date.

  • Online Viewer

    They can not only coordinate 2D plans with the plan server, but also upload 3D IFC models on request, which can be called up and viewed using our integrated BIM viewer in Cloudbrixx, so really all project participants have a full picture of the current planning status.


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