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Maintenance and repairs for systems, devices and operating resources

Maintenance, repair and energy management in a comprehensive, intuitive cloud solution.

CLOUDBRIXX Equipments offers you maintenance, repair and energy management in a comprehensive, intuitive cloud solution.
You have access to your audit-proof and up-to-date documentation at any time, keep an eye on all mandatory expert examinations and thus easily fulfill legal requirements and your operator responsibilities.

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Your benefits

  • Management of maintenance and test appointments
  • Sustainable life cycle management of your systems
  • Sustainable documentation of technical systems
  • Intelligent database for quick decisions
  • Integrated value capture for ESG


  • Testing, maintenance, care
    Regardless of whether it is a hygiene test of a ventilation system, TÜV test of an elevator, equipment test of a ladder or cleaning interval of a drain.
  • Fully documented
    Data sheets, operating instructions, maintenance protocols, appointments, consumption values… All data in one place and can be accessed directly on the system via QR code.
  • Monitor deadlines
    Our system reminds you in a timely manner about regular maintenance, set inspection deadlines and due inspections.
  • Audit-proof
    You simply meet the requirements for operator responsibility and avoid fines from regulatory authorities or the BG due to a lack of testing.
  • Location and system independent
    No matter whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, whether in the office or on site – Cloudbrixx requires no installation and is ready to use straight away!
  • Energy management
    Extensive data collection options enable you to carry out a variety of evaluations.
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Use “Equipments” in real estate management in a variety of ways

  • Timely maintenance and testing

    CLOUDBRIXX Equipments not only enables you to record and inventory your technical systems, devices and resources, but also monitors and documents all maintenance and tests cleanly, chronologically and comprehensibly.

    You always have maintenance and test reports at your fingertips.

    Our intuitive cloud solution allows you to optimally integrate maintenance companies and technicians into all processes.

  • Efficient maintenance management

    Since system data and documentation can be recorded in one system with maintenance protocols and system values, you have the best basis for decision-making for sustainable life cycle management. Is it worth repairing based on age, previous repairs and current consumption, or is replacement more efficient?

    CLOUDBRIXX Equipments provides you with the data for a quick and comprehensible decision.

  • Integrated energy management

    With the help of the integrated value recording, you can record consumption values from energy meters or record target/actual value comparisons for temperatures, pressures and much more. Values to be recorded can be transferred to check and tour lists for building technicians with just one click. Thanks to our intelligent APP, building technicians are then reminded of tours, value recordings and tests via message and can record and enter the values and data on site on time.

    With the flexible reporting tool you can design your desired reports and access them at any time.

  • Patented and available everywhere

    Access your system data, documentation, maintenance and test reports – no matter when, no matter where, no matter what device you work with!

    Thanks to our patented solution for coupling data with systems, devices and operating resources, technicians and maintenance personnel on site can access all relevant data in seconds.

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Sparen Sie Zeit, Geld und Personal dank einfacher Stammdatenverwaltung und lückenloser Kontaktdaten.

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Lückenlose Datenqualität

Referenzierten Sie von Aufgaben, Tickets, Projekten oder Dokumenten zu den verantwortlichen Kontakten.


Ordnen Sie Aufgaben und Dokumenten den Projektverantwortlichen zu und vermeiden Sie unübersichtliche Projektstrukturen.