CLOUDBRIXX für Fondsmanager

Optimized economic efficiency
thanks to central control

Control and monitoring across the entire value chain at property, company and fund level.

Process-optimized real estate management

With the CLOUDBRIXX software for digital real estate management, you can optimize your asset management by reliably planning and controlling better results for your investors. Thanks to our granular and individually customizable data management, you can more easily identify, monitor and control risk factors, from facility managers to asset and property managers to your KVG. Thanks to the extensive analysis options and the resulting reports, you can create a well-founded basis for decision-making in order to optimally optimize the returns of your portfolio. You can identify impending impairments at an early stage and take appropriate countermeasures. Mobile access to all CLOUDBRIXX modules simplifies real estate portfolios, effective and transparent communication with everyone involved and workflow-based, consistent control of your partners.

CLOUDBRIXX Icon Single Point of Truth
Central data platform

CLOUDBRIXX helps you collect valid data
and use it specifically.

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Preservation of value

With CLOUDBRIXX you can take targeted measures to secure the value of your portfolio.

Risk reduction

CLOUDBRIXX helps you identify risks in a timely manner and take countermeasures.

Central data provider for control and monitoring

  • Economic feasibility analyses
  • Reporting
  • Real estate onboarding
  • ESG measures
  • Liquidity management
  • Portfolio management

Your Single-Point-of-Truth

CLOUDBRIXX Icon Single Point of Truth KVG
  • All data remains on the asset and is permanently available to the owner. This means that changing service providers is easy and valuable knowledge is no longer lost, which leads to enormous resource savings in every on- and off-boarding process.
  • From facility managers and property managers to asset managers, everyone involved can be included in CLOUDBRIXX. Thanks to the single point of truth approach, media disruptions and data silos are prevented and all data remains consistent and centrally available.
  • Thanks to the central data platform, you are always able to retrieve aggregated data from CLOUDBRIXX according to your requirements and transfer it to your control and risk analysis tools, such as Power BI, etc.

Digital collaboration in the value chain.

  • Optimization of reporting options throughout the entire value chain.
  • Reduction of liability risks through effective management of all issues in property and asset management.
  • Increasing tenant satisfaction through fast response times and direct communication in the event of disruptions and defects in property and asset management as well as quick processing of insurance claims in the event of damage.
  • Consistent release processes create a reliable basis for planning and controlling budgets and measures.


Only digitally managed properties can provide reliable data.

Marc Mockwitz
Managing Director / Sales
  • Overview
  • Properties
  • Budgets
  • Orders

CLOUDBRIXX optimizes your real estate portfolio

With our basic modules contacts, properties, tasks and approvals you set the anchor in our software.

The important core modules form the basis for optimizing your workflows, give you a full overview of all portfolio participants and ensure a consistent data flow.

Additional auxiliary modules can support your workflows and be used precisely.

CLOUDBRIXX optimiert Ihr Immobilienportfolio

Properties take center stage

Real estate management is all about properties. CLOUDBRIXX therefore also focuses on this in the software and links all processes around and with the properties so that all data is always available at the properties.


Security and overview in budgets

Financial security in real estate management depends on solid and comprehensible budget planning, regardless of whether it is about planning a larger project or Capex and Opex measures need to be budgeted and approved.

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360 degree order management

Set your standards for workflow-based order management with integrated invoice verification, warranty tracking, digital guarantee processing and individual reporting.