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The cloud-based document storage

Store your documents in uniform filing structures according to your specifications in the central, cloud-based ‘Documents’ module and thus ensure constant availability and findability. Make documents available automatically and quickly to the people who need them, simply and securely in the cloud.

With CLOUDBRIXX Documents you manage and distribute documents automatically, quickly and and can also easily link them at points in our process-optimized system, so that documents are available in many places where they are needed, but only need to be stored once. A uniform filing structure ensures that your documents can be found and structured quickly. Audit-proof documentation ensures transparency and legal certainty.

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Your benefits

  • Uniform data structures for your properties and projects
  • Fast document retrieval thanks to extensive filters and searches
  • Size-independent document and data delivery, even to external parties
  • Access management through integrated rights matrix
  • Automatic logging of uploads and accesses


  • Document distribution
    Documents are automatically distributed after upload thanks to intelligent rights assignment to users who are informed by email.
  • Easy sending of documents
    With CLOUDBRIXX you can send documents of any size by email.
  • Versioning
    You automatically always work with the latest document. Older versions are automatically and clearly archived.
  • Central data storage, always available
    With CLOUDBRIXX, everyone works with the same data status, no matter where they are.
  • Audit-proof
    All document movements, from uploads to updates to downloads, are documented cleanly and traceably.
  • Uniform document storage
    Store documents in your desired structures and let CLOUDBRIXX take care of document management, including receipts for document uploads!
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Using digital "documents" in real estate management

  • Structured and clear

    Uniform filing structures, which you can define yourself, create order in your document storage. All users, whether internal or external, work uniformly on one platform, are on the same data status and are informed as soon as new documents are available.

    Through extensive filters and an intelligent search, you will find documents faster than ever before!

  • Document links

    Documents and their contents are often required for many processes, so the data is needed in a wide variety of places.

    With our features, we ensure that you can link documents wherever you need the information from them, but the documents only need to be stored and kept up-to-date in one place.

  • Cloud-based and available everywhere

    Access your documents – no matter when, no matter where, no matter what device you are working with!


Sparen Sie Zeit, Geld und Personal dank einfacher Stammdatenverwaltung und lückenloser Kontaktdaten.

Lückenlose Datenqualität

Referenzierten Sie von Aufgaben, Tickets, Projekten oder Dokumenten zu den verantwortlichen Kontakten.


Ordnen Sie Aufgaben und Dokumenten den Projektverantwortlichen zu und vermeiden Sie unübersichtliche Projektstrukturen.