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The digital construction diary

Simplify the documentation effort of the construction diary required by HOAI and keep comprehensive construction documentation with minimum effort.

With the CLOUDBRIXX construction diary, a lot of data is already automatically recorded for you and entries can be made directly on the construction site mobile by the construction management or the executing companies. This way, you can significantly reduce the required documentation effort.

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  • Document performance levels directly on site
  • Integration of all companies possible
  • Full text search to find entries quickly
  • Automatic weather data acquisition
  • Location and device independent
  • Can also be used offline thanks to the app


  • Teamwork
    If desired, the construction management and the contracted companies can also keep the construction diary together.
  • Automatic data collection
    Data recorded from CLOUDBRIXX Defects, plans, documents and images are automatically recorded and documented in the construction diary upon request.
  • Reporting
    Daily reports are clearly summarized in weekly and monthly reports, completely automatically.

  • Full-text search
    The integrated full-text search allows you to quickly search for events and achievements, even in extensive diaries.

  • Automatic weather data
    Our construction diary automatically documents the weather situation at the project site for you.
  • Audit-proof
    Benefit from audit-proof data storage, management and communication.
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Use the digital “construction diary” flexibly

  • Document cleverly

    Our modular solution makes it easier for you to keep a construction diary, for example by recording and documenting the weather data at the project site completely automatically.

    Detected defects, submitted plans, documents and construction site images can also be automatically transferred from our modules to the construction diary and are therefore automatically recorded and documented in the daily reports of the construction diary.

  • Strong in a TEAM

    The CLOUDBRIXX construction diary can be kept by the construction manager alone, or it can also be activated for the commissioned companies – so everyone benefits from comprehensive documentation and time savings.

    The responsible site manager never relinquishes control over the entries through an approval level.

    Your documentation effort is noticeably reduced to a minimum!

  • Mobile construction documentation

    With the help of the CLOUDBRIXX app, it is child’s play to keep the construction diary directly on site at the construction site and keep it up to date. Document performance levels, attendance, take photos and much more.

    On site, it doesn’t matter whether you have an internet connection or not, as our app can also be used in offline mode and synchronizes completely independently as soon as you are online again.

    By the way, the CLOUDBRIXX app can be downloaded free of charge for all users of the CLOUDBRIXX construction diary!


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