360 degree order management

Set your standards for workflow-based order management with integrated invoice verification, warranty tracking, digital surety processing and customized reporting.

CLOUDBRIXX Orders offers you comprehensive and individually customizable order and invoice management with integrated warranty tracking. The orders are immediately assigned to the Budgets module in terms of process and thus enable clear cost controlling. The audit-proof documentation automatically ensures transparency and legal certainty.

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  • Fast order placement thanks to standardized order workflows
  • Invoice capture & verification with interfaces to ERP
  • Warranty tracking & digital guarantee management
  • Release rules and multi-eyes principle
  • Order overview with combined cost controlling


  • Order letter per click
    Create ready-to-send order letters as PDFs in your design – if desired, even with digital approval and signature, completely without paper!
  • Reporting
    Whether order overview, current projections, account evaluations or open order items – create your desired reports flexibly.
  • Budget monitoring
    Create budgets and cost caps, CLOUDBRIXX orders monitors compliance and creates your cost summary in real time at any time.
  • Invoice verification
    Check individual, partial, partial and final invoices based on the order data and directly post deductions, withholdings and discounts – know what was ordered and can be billed!
  • Warranty tracking
    CLOUDBRIXX monitors your warranty claims, manages security retentions and guarantees, and provides timely reminders of deadlines.
  • Audit-proof
    Audit-proof documentation for the creation, issuance and modification of orders and supplements – all actions remain traceable.
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Workflow-based order processing in real estate management

  • Comfortable order workflow

    Using predefined order types, all required data is queried individually, from small orders, to craft and service provider orders, to planner and construction contracts, and orders are thus issued quickly, completely and audit-proof.

    With just a few clicks, you can create uniform order letters on your stationery, in your design and according to your company specifications!

    Automatic deadline tracking automatically alerts you to overdue deliveries and unfinished orders.

  • Integrated invoice posting

    As soon as you receive invoices for orders, you can enter, check and post them using the integrated invoice posting function. The costs are automatically assigned to your budgets, cost centers and posting accounts.

    If you work for invoice entry in an existing accounting software such as SAP or RELion, or a document management system such as DocuWare, prepared interfaces are available in Cloudbrixx or can be created for you in the Pro and Enterprise segments.

  • Traceable cost management

    Since all orders can already be assigned to a budget or expense account when they are placed, you have the most up-to-date insight into current costs and available residual budgets at all times.

    The reports provide you with budget insight, forecasting options and individual evaluations at any time, so that you quickly know which sums are still available for which projects and measures for orders, how costs are developing or where a cost overrun is imminent in the worst case.

    Individual rights assignments enable order & budget releases, transfers and cost updates for practice-oriented order management.

  • Seamless and automated warranty tracking

    For each order, warranty claims can be defined individually or included as a standard default. For example, a retention amount can be predefined for a work contract, which is automatically retained when the invoice is posted and can later be replaced by a warranty bond. Security retentions as well as guarantees are clearly documented and validity or claim periods are monitored.

    The term of a simple device warranty can also be easily entered with Cloudbrixx orders so that it is no longer forgotten.

    After all, warranty claims are worth hard cash!


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