CLOUDBRIXX als Immobilienmanagementsoftware für Family Offices

Develop and manage developed and undeveloped properties

All life cycles of your properties on one platform, with CLOUDBRIXX.

One platform for the entire life cycle of your real estate

With CLOUDBRIXX. REAL you receive a cloud-based software application that assists you in the role of builder, project developer and owner. The process-oriented real estate management software offers you freedom for the growth and further development of your family office. Thanks to the modular structure, you can use a combination that is precisely tailored to your needs and continually expand or adapt it. With CLOUDBRIXX. With DEAL you can also carry out audit-proof real estate transactions if you want to sell your property or buy new properties.

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Value preservation

CLOUDBRIXX is your digital assistance and saves you an enormous amount of resources.

Budget management

With CLOUDBRIXX, you can keep an eye on your budgets throughout the lifecycle.

Operator responsibilities

CLOUDBRIXX provides you with valuable expertise in maintenance management.

Your benefits as a family office

  • Counteract liability risks
  • Increase portfolio value
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Valid data management
  • Transparent communication
  • One platform for all stakeholders

Save valuable resources thanks to intelligent workflows.

Digitale Workflows
  • Despite the prevailing shortage of skilled staff, you can manage your portfolio thanks to effective staff deployment. Thanks to the single-point-of-truth approach, all stakeholders access one platform, resulting in enormous resource savings.
  • All information remains on the asset and is available to you as the owner in the long term. This makes it easy to integrate service providers, and valuable knowledge is no longer lost.
  • From FM and PM to AM, all stakeholders can participate in Cloudbrixx. This networked way of working prevents media breaches and makes all data consistently available.

Only digitally managed properties can provide reliable data.

Marc Mockwitz
Managing Director / Sales
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  • Budgets
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CLOUDBRIXX optimizes your real estate portfolio

With our basic modules contacts, properties, tasks and approvals you set the anchor in our software.

The important core modules form the basis for optimizing your workflows, give you a full overview of all portfolio participants and ensure a consistent data flow.

Additional auxiliary modules can support your workflows and be used precisely.

CLOUDBRIXX optimiert Ihr Immobilienportfolio

360 degree order management

Set your standards for workflow-based order management with integrated invoice verification, warranty tracking, digital guarantee processing and individual reporting.


Security and overview in budgets

Financial security in real estate management depends on solid and comprehensible budget planning, regardless of whether it is about planning a larger project or Capex and Opex measures need to be budgeted and approved.

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Maintenance and repairs for systems, devices and operating resources

Maintenance, repair and energy management in a comprehensive, intuitive cloud solution.