Data management for contacts

Consistent and up-to-date availability of contact data is an elementary component of efficient real estate management. With our integrative module for managing your contacts, this data is available to you at all points in Cloudbrixx, including via interface for connected systems.

With the master data module Contacts, you can manage all your company and personal contacts in one central location, categorize them, enrich them with additional data and keep them up-to-date. Using a rights and role structure, you can specifically integrate business partners into your processes for defined properties and portfolios, thus simplifying processing procedures.

  • Central data management (single point of truth)
  • Consistent data maintenance in real time
  • Smart data linking within modules
  • Extensible data fields for your individual data
  • Cloud-based and available everywhere, also in the Cloudbrixx app


  • Central contact data management
    Create all contact data centrally in one system and distribute module- and project-specific permissions and views.
  • Perimeter search
    On a location basis, generate lists of potential companies & service providers in a list or map view in no time at all, e.g. to use them for a tender.
  • Smart Tags
    Assign flexible designable tags to link them to companies. A search function is of course also on board.
  • Substitution scheme
    Organize your employees and their absences due to vacation or illness. This way, project responsibilities can be handed over during absences and tasks can be executed by substituting colleagues.
  • Project participant lists
    Use combinable filters to create individual project participant lists, which are also available to you as an Excelexport at any time.
  • Roles, rights and project affiliations
    Assign individual authorization on module, function and project level. By creating preconfigured roles, you make administration easy!
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Making smart use of "contacts" in real estate management

  • Smart module linking

    Once created centrally, you can easily link your contacts for all other CLOUDBRIXX specialist modules and actions via drop-down menus. This way, you always reference the central database.

  • Quickly and easily customize contact data

    Expand individual content with database fields created specifically for this purpose. No developer is required for this with CLOUDBRIXX – simply create these database fields yourself via the system settings and use them to expand the database according to your requirements.

  • Cloud-based and available everywhere

    Everyone involved in the project has individual access to the database in real time – inconsistencies in contact data maintenance are a thing of the past.

    Via the CLOUDBRIXX app, you always have all data structured and with practical additional functions on your smartphone or tablet.


Sparen Sie Zeit, Geld und Personal dank einfacher Stammdatenverwaltung und lückenloser Kontaktdaten.

Lückenlose Datenqualität

Referenzierten Sie von Aufgaben, Tickets, Projekten oder Dokumenten zu den verantwortlichen Kontakten.


Ordnen Sie Aufgaben und Dokumenten den Projektverantwortlichen zu und vermeiden Sie unübersichtliche Projektstrukturen.