• 122 sqkm municipal area
  • 16 districts with nursery schools, community centres and fire stations
  • 23.000 residents
  • 50 municipal real estates


The Task

  • Digital documentation during operation (e.g. in nurseries)
  • Management of historical and modern buildings
  • Maintenance, servicing and documentation of technical equipment
  • Integration of individual departments of municipal administration
  • Highest data security and seamless access management
  • Simple and secure access despite outdated IT systems and devices

Solution: Cloudbrixx. FM

Used Modules

  • Properties
  • Tasks
  • Blueprints
  • Documents
  • Defects
  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Locking Systems


The Outcome

  • Reduced malfunctions during operation
  • Quick and easy familiarisation with Cloudbrixx
  • Permanent access to budgets, current costs and accounts including approval keys
  • Mobile order, repair, defect and warranty management
  • Inventory data and processes also available on mobile devices
  • Direct access to the documentation of all equipment via QR code linking