Cloud-based document management

Digital document management

With Cloudbrixx Documents you manage and distribute documents automatically, quickly and save them safe in the cloud.
You ensure transparency and legal certainty through audit-proof documentation.

30 days free trial

Top features

Standardized document storage

Store documents in your desired structures and let Cloudbrixx take over the document management, including receipt for document uploads!


You always work automatically with the latest document version. Older versions are archived automatically and clearly arranged.


All document transfers, from uploading to updates and downloading, are clearly and comprehensibly documented.

Central storage, always available

With Cloudbrixx, everyone works with the same dataset, no matter where they are.

Document distribution

Thanks to intelligent rights assignment, documents are automatically distributed after uploading to users who are informed by e-mail.

Simple sending of documents

With Cloudbrixx you can send documents of any size by e-mail.

Structured and clearly arranged

You can define your own storage structures to create filing order in your document storage. All users, whether internal or external, work uniformly on one platform, are on the same data status and are informed as soon as new documents are available.

Through extensive filters and an intelligent search, you will find documents quickly as never before!

Clear document storage

Dokumente ortsunabhängig überall verfügbar

Cloud-based and available everywhere

Access your documents - no matter when, no matter where, no matter what device you are working with!

Everything is in perfect order with Cloudbrixx Documents.

Well-arranged document lists with extensive filters

Structured storage of documents

Integrated document distribution via email

Send documents online without size restrictions

Sophisticated version management

Version Management for Documents

Audit-proof access documentation

Audit-proof access documentation

Integrated task management

Integrated task management

Prices and versions

30 days free trial

Your trial version ends automatically after 30 days, a cancellation is not necessary! After the test phase you can activate a license at any time and continue using Cloudbrixx with all its advantages.

No initial investment

No expensive purchase, no internal server operating costs, no hidden costs for training, maintenance & support.

Monthly cancellable

Booked licenses can be cancelled at the end of each month, so you can always use Cloudbrixx according to your current needs.



19,95 €

per month

  • Complete document server
    (1 property incl.)
  • 10 GB disk space incl.
  • No project limit within the property
  • No user limit
  • All updates & backups included
  • Online-Support
  • APP included free of charge



2,95 €

per month/property

  • Additional property for 'DOCUMENTS BASIS'
  • 10 GB memory expansion each
  • No project limit within the property
  • No user limit
  • All updates & backups included
  • Online-Support
  • APP included free of charge

Reduced price for archived properties

2,95 €     0,95 €

per month/property