Wartung & Instandhaltung für Anlagen, Geräte und Betriebsmittel

Maintenance & repair of technical systems, equipments and resources

Cloudbrixx Equipments offers you maintenance, repair and energy management in a comprehensive, intuitive cloud solution.

With Cloudbrixx Equipments you always have access to your audit-proof and up-to-date documentation and thus easily meet legal requirements.

30 days free trial

Top features

Flexible application

Whether you need to document a hygiene test of a ventilation system, the certification of an elevator or a device test, we have the right application.

Monitoring deadlines

Our system reminds you in good time of regular maintenance, set inspection intervals and due inspections.

Location & system independent

Whether Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, whether in the office or on site - Cloudbrixx needs no installation and is immediately ready for use!

Completely documented

Data sheets, operating instructions, maintenance protocols, dates, consumption values... Everything in one place.


You can easily meet legal documentation requirements and avoid regulatory fines for missing audits.

Energy management

Extensive options for data acquisition enable you to perform a wide range of evaluations.

On-time maintenance and inspection

Cloudbrixx Equipments not only enables you to record and inventory your technical systems, devices and equipment, but monitors and documents all maintenance and inspections cleanly, chronologically and comprehensibly.

Maintenance and inspection reports are always at your fingertips.

Our intuitive cloud solution allows you to optimally integrate maintenance companies and technicians into all processes.

Maintenance and inspection of systems and equipment

Instandhaltung und Reparaturen mit Cloudbrixx

Efficient maintenance management

Since system data and documentation can be entered in one system with the maintenance protocols and system values, you have the best decision-making basis for sustainable life cycle management.
Is a repair worthwhile due to the age, the repairs already carried out and the current energy consumption, or is a replacement more efficient?

Cloudbrixx Equipments provides you with the data for a quick and comprehensible decision.

Integrated energy management

With the help of the integrated recording of values, you can collect consumption values from energy meters or record target/actual value comparisons for temperatures, pressures and much more. Values to be recorded can be transferred to check lists and tour lists for technicians with just one click. Thanks to our intelligent APP, house technicians are reminded of tours, valuations and inspections and can collect and enter the values and data on time on site.

With the flexible reporting tool, you can design your desired reports and retrieve them at any time.

Energy management via app

Patented data connection

Patented and available from anywhere

Access your data, documentation, maintenance and test reports - no matter when, no matter where, no matter what device you are working with!

Our patented solution for coupling digital data with systems and equipment enables technicians and maintenance personnel to access all relevant information on site in a matter of seconds.

Well-arranged inventory lists with flexible, extensive filters

Inventory lists for equipment

Informative maintenance lists

Maintenance lists for equipment

Maintenance planning with drag&drop

Accelerated maintenance planning

Flexible use for industrial plants, building installations, devices and equipment

Can be used for industrial plants, building installations, devices and equipment

Complete documentation, nothing gets lost!

Complete equipment documentation

Maintenance protocols and information clearly at hand

maintenance logs

Effective energy & status management through detailed data

Energy management with Cloudbrixx

Integrated Tasks & Information Management (ticketsystem)

Ticket system integrated in Cloudbrixx

Prices and versions

30 days free trial

Your trial version ends automatically after 30 days, a cancellation is not necessary! After the test phase you can activate a license at any time and continue using Cloudbrixx with all its advantages.

No initial investment

No expensive purchase, no internal server operating costs, no hidden costs for training, maintenance & support.

Monthly cancellable

Booked licenses can be cancelled at the end of each month, so you can always use Cloudbrixx according to your current needs.



49,- €

per month/user

  • Create & manage assets & devices
  • Status overview
  • Maintenance Planning & Calendar
  • Check & release of maintenance & inspections
  • Evaluations & Controlling
  • Unlimited storage space
  • No property limit
  • All updates & backups included
  • Online-Support
  • APP included


additional license*


4,95 €

per month/user

  • Retrieval of all system & device data
  • Input of maintenance & inspection data
  • Access to checklists
  • Input of consumption values
  • Unlimited storage space
  • No property limit
  • All updates & backups included
  • Online-Support
  • APP included
  • * any number of additional licenses, at least one manager license required