Orders & budgets firmly under control

Cloudbrixx Orders offers you comprehensive order and budget management with integrated warranty tracking, invoice verification and budget analysis by means of individual reporting.
You ensure transparency and legal security through audit-proof documentation.

30 days free trial

Top features

Orders per click

Create order letters ready for dispatch as PDF in your design - if desired, even with digital approval and signature, completely without paper!


Create budgets and cost caps, Cloudbrixx orders monitors compliance and creates your budget overview in real time at any time.

Warranty monitoring

Cloudbrixx monitors your warranty claims, manages security retention and guarantees and reminds you of deadlines.


Whether budget preview, current forecasts, account evaluations or open order items - create your desired reports flexibly.

Invoice verification

Check partial and final invoices on the basis of the order data and book deductions, retentions and discounts directly - knowing what was ordered!


Audit-proof documentation for the creation, and modification of orders and supplements - All actions remain traceable.

Convenient order workflow

Pre-defined order types are used to query all required data individually for e.g. tradesmen or delivery orders and thus to place orders quickly, completely and audit-proof.

With just a few clicks you can create standardized order letters on your stationery, in your design!

The automatic deadline tracking system automatically draws your attention to overdue deliveries and unfinished orders.


Rechnungen einfach buchen mit Rechnungsprüfung

Integrated invoice posting

As soon as you receive invoices for orders, you can enter, check and post them using the integrated invoice posting function. The costs are automatically assigned to your budgets, cost centers and posting accounts.

Comprehensible budget management

Since all orders are already assigned to a budget or expense account when they are placed, you always have the most up-to-date insight into running costs.

Reporting offers you budget insight and individual evaluation options at any time, so that you know quickly which sums are still available, how costs develop or where in the worst case a cost overrun threatens.

Übersichtliches Budgetmanagement

Zuverlässige Gewährleistungsverfolgung

Seamless and automated warranty tracking

For each order, warranty claims can be individually defined or included as standard specifications. For example, you can define a security retention for a work contract, which can be retained when the invoice is posted and later replaced by a warranty bond. Security retentions as well as guarantees are well documented and validity and claim periods are monitored.
The term of a simple device warranty can also be easily entered with Cloudbrixx orders, so that this no longer falls into oblivion.

After all, warranty claims are worth money!

Transparent order lists with extensive filters

Clearly arranged order lists

Overview of all orders

Overview of all orders

Direct invoice access at the order


Integrated invoice verification

Invoice verification

Direct interface to warranty tracking

Integrated warranty tracking

Revision-proof order documentation

Audit-proof order documentation

Combined warranty tracking

Combined warranty tracking

Clearly arranged invoice lists

Clear invoice lists

Reporting and extrapolation of budgets

Extrapolation of budgets

Prices and versions

30 days free trial

Your trial version ends automatically after 30 days, a cancellation is not necessary! After the test phase you can activate a license at any time and continue using Cloudbrixx with all its advantages.

No initial investment

No expensive purchase, no internal server operating costs, no hidden costs for training, maintenance & support.

Monthly cancellable

Booked licenses can be cancelled at the end of each month, so you can always use Cloudbrixx according to your current needs.



49,95 €

per month/user

  • Create & dispatch orders
  • Order and status overview
  • Budget & Cost Management
  • Check & approve invoices
  • Evaluations & Controlling
  • Warranty management
  • Unlimited storage space
  • No property limit
  • All updates & backups included
  • Online-Support