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Sustainable risk reduction

Technical reporting in just a few minutes

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Over 26,000 investment criteria

How it works:

  • Assets are classified simply and clearly.
  • Relevant system information is queried by users in a simple and structured manner.
  • Using a clever algorithm, Pruefpilot automatically ejects the location- and system-specific, prescribed inspections with their inspection intervals.
  • The system informs those responsible for the relevant technical systems directly about changes to regulations and legislation and, if necessary, obtains further information from users for assessment.

“Pruefpilot” in use:

The first step is to take an inventory of the technical equipment. A questionnaire helps to specify the system (year of construction, publicly accessible). A total of 26,000 criteria are included in the analysis which, in conjunction with over 2,000 inspection rules, determine the inspection cycle. On this basis, Prüfpilot automatically suggests necessary inspections. On the inspection dates, all relevant information is then documented in the system in an audit-proof manner.

Thanks to automated reminders, Prüfpilot results in considerable time and cost savings as well as a sustainable reduction in risk. Ultimately, data quality also increases with use, as the data is automatically recorded in CLOUDBRIXX in an audit-proof manner during the inspection of the systems and is therefore available for analysis without any gaps.

If operator responsibility is delegated to a facility manager, the latter can use the tool while the owner always has full control and insight into the service provider’s activities.

With well over 2,000 inspection rules for systems and buildings, we offer a powerful tool in the form of the additional inspection pilot feature in order to fulfill operator responsibility in the best possible way and set standards.

Helge Winter
Managing Partner

Electrical systems, elevators, air conditioning and ventilation technology and much more make our stay in buildings more and more pleasant these days and we are also concerned about our safety with a wide range of systems and structural precautions.

However, these achievements also include more and more regulations and laws designed to ensure that all these systems function properly and that building users are not harmed or environmental damage is prevented. All of this is summarized under the term operator responsibility. The term operator responsibility means that operators of a property are responsible for ensuring that

all technical installations, fire protection measures, safety systems and other aspects of the building comply with legal requirements and are regularly checked and maintained.

The operator is liable for any damage or accidents that may occur as a result of defective or inadequate systems. Operator responsibility also includes the obligation to maintain and retain documentation, logs and evidence of compliance with regulations. Operator responsibility is intended to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of real estate and reduce the risk of liability claims, making it an essential building block for ESG (environment, social, governance).